Stories from a word – Snails

It’s the death that makes you think more about life, third one this week. Brandon was just a youngster too. That’s the problem with youngsters, they head out in their own thinking they know it all but with no-idea how to look out for the warning signs.

So here we are, in the rain, at Brandons funeral…the sight of his death; which seemed ludicrous to me because the risk of rubbing salt in the wounds is astronomical. Abs had managed to get out the greenhouse for the day without being spotted, which was good going considering the size of him, but did mean that he took up most of the shelter. It’s alright for most of us who go around with our homes so can retreat in and just poke our heads out the door but poor Gary who didn’t have trailer was getting pelted.

I looked about, there was only four of us now, Gary, Abs and Mrs. Mrs who I’m not even sure was aware she was at a funeral, she always seemed to turn up wherever we were, without any of knowing how she got there and disappearing without any of seeing her go; probably how she’s managed to stay alive so long that and she’s never been further than the garden path. Probably why she had such an issue with Gary. Gary’s travelled the world you see, he’s a carefree one Gary, always up for a laugh, sometime he’d sprawl himself along hand rails just to watch people’s disgust, always in the noddy of course. Mrs didn’t care much for Gary, thought it was reckless for someone to be so adventurous in times like these with people rushing about so much, heads in their phones

“It’s different now then in my day you see, people always have their heads in their phones. In my day people watched where they were going more. Much less of this rushing about lark. They skipped more too y’now. Wide berthing leaps. Now it’s all short strides. Doesn’t leave much time for sudden stops or changing of directions…only a fool would walk around without anything to protect themselves with in these times.” She would curtly say, almost always aimed at Gary who’d glide around  without the restraint of anything on him.


I’d thought about giving it up, giving up the travel home way of life, through caution to the wind and live off the land like Gary, finding shelter under what grows highest from the ground when times are rough. But I didn’t know how,  you have to be born with that sort of freedom I guess.

Abs wasn’t born with that sort of freedom either, in fact Abs was born with even less freedom than myself or Mrs. Abs was in show business, he goes on all the time about his African roots but I’m fairly certain Abs has never seen Africa, in fact I am fairly certain Abs has only ever seen the show room and this very garden that lays just outside of the show rooms very thick glass walls.

As I slipped back into reality and between Abs and Gary who were now in a debate over the circumstances that lead to Brandon’s death. Gary arguing that had Brandon been in showbiz that he not only wouldn’t have to forage his own food but that his surroundings wouldn’t be contaminated with such substances; and Abs agreeing that whilst yes he benefits from a certain way of life, it is he who funds most of it and that Brandon should have had more of his wits about the conditions he lived in. Well this really angered Gary:

“Brandon lives in these conditions because of the people that keep you in your precious conditions! That kid died because of those drugs your people spilled out into our world!”

This was the thing with Gary, something about the chemicals in the land really got to him, we were never quite sure if it was all his worldly travelling that gave him his hippy natural flare of he’ been burned before. Either way, Abs had certainly inherited one thing from his African decent and was much much bigger than Gary. Something had to be said to defuse the situation.

“We should take a trip…to Africa!”

I didn’t know what was going to come out of my mouth but what I knew was, I was at the funeral of a child, who only wanted to see the world but never got the chance. Well this was our chance…with Gary and all his knowledge of the world, and Abs with his…knowing Africa, maybe. And Mrs, well Mrs doesn’t really know much but I’m sure she’ll come just to tell us what a foolish idea it is if nothing else.

And me…

Who just needs to figure out how to get across that bloody road.

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